Stay Tuned: 2019 Municipal Tax Package coming October.

How to Order

How to Order

1. Shop and order free and/or paid products at

2. Customer receives order acknowledgment email from for all products.This email also serves as a receipt. Please check your spam folder in your email account.

3. For Online Software Tax Application product orders - such as Free Tax Estimate Tool or Municipal Tax Refund Package:

a) Maximum order quantity is 1 each for each product per shopping session.
b) A second email will be sent from with a link and a temporary password (for first time customers) for secure access to the online applications and tool products. 
c) Create a new password to return multiple times to finish your Fee Tax Estimate Tool or your paid Municipal Tax Refund Package on our proprierty applilcation platform at
d) If you want to order additional new Free Tax Estimate Tool or new Municipal Tax Refund Package product for a different property address (or for a different tax year) then please log out of the webshop, then login again to start a new shopping session at


More information is available on our FAQ page.