NH Filing Deadline is March 1, 2019 for Municipal Refund Application.

About Us


Our Founders

RETaxRefund.com was founded and created by Paul J. Alfano, Esq., and Liz Nolin, Esq., as a subsidiary of Allobar LLC, a New Hampshire limited liability company. Both Paul and Liz are licensed New Hampshire attorneys with over forty years of property tax refund (aka property tax abatement) experience in their law practice. RETaxRefund.com condenses their experience, knowledge, forms, and techniques into a user-friendly experience designed especially for New Hampshire homeowners to prepare, file, and receive refunds of overpaid property taxes from start-to-finish, without needing to hire an expensive attorney or consultant.

 Paul J. Alfano, Esq. CEO RETaxRefund.com

Paul J. Alfano, Esq. BIO

CEO, RETaxRefunc.com
Member, NH Bar Association Member
MA Bar Association Member
National Association of Property Tax Attorneys (NAPTA)
Boston University School of Law
Harvard University

Elizabeth (Liz) J. Nolin, Esq. BIO

President, RETaxRefund.com
Member, NH Bar Association
Member, United States Tax Court
Member, United States Bankruptcy Court
Member, National Association of Property Tax Attorneys (NAPTA)
Charleston School of Law
College of Charleston


Our Team

The RETaxRefund.com team is made up of experienced tax professionals with diverse backgrounds in finance, law, real estate valuation, and taxation. The RETaxRefund.com team has recovered more than $7 million in overpaid property taxes for clients in New Hampshire and surrounding states. We've dedicated our lives to returning overpaid property taxes to property owners, and now we're opening up our knowledge even more by helping residential homeowners have the education and tools necessary to get their own property tax refunds.