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Property Tax Refunds: What Are They?

Property Tax Refunds: What Are They?

Property tax refund is our term for a property tax abatement, a legal process in New Hampshire and surrounding states where property taxpayers (which may be property owners, which is typical of residential properties, or tenants, in the case of some commercial properties) can apply to their local taxing authority for a refund in overpaid taxes.

A taxpayer can receive a property tax refund when:

  1. The taxpayer can prove that their property was worth less than the value assigned to the property on the date of taxation;

  2. The taxpayer files a correct form (that complies with statutory and procedural requirements) to the correct local taxing official or department; and

  3. The taxpayer enters into an agreement with their local taxing official or department to lower the value of the property as of the date of taxation.

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